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Meal use disposable plastic gloves hygiene?

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Meal use disposable plastic gloves hygiene?

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Now people in the restaurant to grab food, most of the time will use the disposable plastic gloves provided by the store. Ms. Wang wrote to us a few days ago, ask questions Q: Some disposable plastic gloves have black spots, such as dining gloves hygiene?

Yesterday, the reporter visited the city found a few supermarkets, supermarkets sold gloves on the packaging, are printed with the relevant departments of the production permit number, production date and shelf life,

In the copper plate Road, West Hung Road, and several grocery stores, the reporter found that Ms. Wang has described the black plastic gloves. These gloves on the packaging, without any instructions, gloves, yellow and white, with obvious black spots, and there is a smell, 1.5 yuan per pack. Reporter asked the owner where the purchase, the owner said it was door-to-door, and said that these plastic gloves are recycled plastic, very cheap. As for the manufacturer, recycling of plastic is toxic and shelf-life, the owner is a question and answer.

In the interview, a restaurant owner said that the use of disposable plastic gloves so that customers waived the hand, as to whether the plastic gloves or not, it is the manufacturer thing. In this restaurant, Mr. Chen told reporters: "This plastic glove itself is dirty, how dare to use it?" It is understood that most of these disposable plastic gloves "survive" in the middle and low restaurants.

Reporter learned from the municipal health supervision department, the market disposable plastic gloves are mostly qualified, and some plastic gloves were yellow-white, because the production of materials to join the environmental degradation of materials. Health supervision department reminded the public, such as the need for plastic gloves, the best to the regular supermarket to buy, so as not to buy dirty disposable plastic gloves. If it was found that the production of "three noes" disposable plastic dining gloves, the local industrial and commercial departments or municipal health supervision telephone report.

Therefore, the purchase of disposable plastic gloves, please select the regular manufacturer, we produce products, quality assurance, inexpensive, the company has always been people-oriented, excellence, customer standards for the highest standards, professional skills and perfect after-sales service , Won the majority of customers trust. "Honesty, pragmatism, innovation and cooperation" is our purpose. Warmly welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to Division I business negotiations and common development. Welcome patronage!

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