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Identification of disposable gloves is toxic

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Identification of disposable gloves is toxic

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Disposable plastic gloves material is mainly plastic PE, the market has a new material and renewable materials two, the new material non-toxic and tasteless, transparent gloves produced high transparency, no smell, good quality, clean health, renewable materials produced one-time Plastic film gloves, according to the properties of renewable materials, such gloves produced by the poor transparency of dark gloves, hygiene conditions are not up to standard, but the price is cheaper. For the layman and the general public consumers, it is difficult to distinguish between good and bad, health conditions up to non-compliance, gloves are toxic, so as a product manufacturer, to introduce several types of disposable plastic gloves to determine whether the toxic way:

1 ,. Water detection method: the disposable plastic film gloves into the water, non-toxic one-time PE gloves into the water, can surfaced; and toxic one-time plastic film gloves are not floating up.

2. Hand touch test: one-time touch PE gloves, a sense of lubrication are non-toxic; otherwise toxic. In this case,

3. Jitter detection method: one-time hand to seize the end of PE gloves, forced to shoot, issued by the sound of non-toxic crisp; the other hand, toxic.

4. Fire detection method: one-time PE gloves can be cut off a side, with the fire, the toxic is not easy to burn; non-toxic fire easily burned.

If necessary, go to the national professional testing departments identified, these methods are not professional inspection methods for reference only.

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