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Consumers should pay attention to the shelf life of plastic products

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Consumers should pay attention to the shelf life of plastic products

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Triangle + digital + abbreviation "- each plastic container or plastic products at the bottom of a small" identity card ", on behalf of their use of different production materials, but also on behalf of their use of different taboo.Many experts and Inside the industry, you will unlock the digital puzzle of plastic products, to understand the different meanings of different figures.

No shelf life of plastic products!

In the eyes of many consumers, plastic products (such as disposable plastic gloves) due to non-perishable, deterioration, it can be long-term use. But the plastic products do not really shelf-life do?

Consumers: not bad can then use

Is located in Dongcheng District, Beijing New World Supermarket, Lotte Mart Ruocheng stores and many other large supermarkets, some are selecting plastic crisper and other products when consumers are asked, "there is no shelf life of plastic crisper," many Consumers are surprised to say that they never pay attention to the plastic container shelf life.

"General use is not bad circumstances, I will not regularly replace the plastic containers at home.When buying this material products, I was fancy it's good quality, not love bad, so long as this plastic box No deformation, but also used, I will not change. "Daxing District, who lives in Beijing, a female consumer, said he never paid attention to the plastic container shelf life, only the product quality problems will be replaced.

Marketplace: Product is not marked

In the city of Dongcheng District, New World Supermarket, Lotte Mart Ruocheng many large supermarkets, plastic kettles, lunch box counter, random view several different brands of lunch boxes product specifications, in addition to the national requirements marked production Manufacturers, contact, etc., only to see a number of brands will be marked on the production date, but did not mark out the shelf life of plastic products.

"This plastic lunch box is not food, so there is no standard shelf life. Like this product, generally can be used for three to five years, as long as the plastic sticky or because of high temperature and lead to shape changes, I think You can then use it. "Rakutenmate country Ruicheng shop a plastic lunch box promoters told reporters.

Experts: the state does not provide

In the end there is no shelf-life of plastic products? Beijing Locks deduction Trade Co., Ltd. Miss Song, training manager, said: "Most plastic products can not be repeated, long-term use, disposable plastic products can not be reused in particular.For reusable PP products, the current state does not have a mandatory warranty period.But because many consumers use habits, likely to cause plastic crisper yellowing, sticky, discoloration and other issues.So in order to more secure use of plastic products, in the event of the above problems It is best to replace it. "

In addition, Miss Song said that the long-term use of plastic, will occur aging problems. "Plastic aging refers to the plastic in the sun, temperature, pH and other environmental factors, with the use of time, there are different forms, different degrees of chemical erosion phenomena such as appearance (extinction, discoloration, wrinkling) Mechanical properties (optical properties, electrical properties, weight) changes, as well as changes in chemical structure and performance, etc. As the aging plastic container scratches serious, is likely to remain harmful bacteria, in particular, may contain bisphenol A PVC plastic material Containers, in the heating, washing or containing acidic liquid, bisphenol A is easy to penetrate the water and food, the more severe scratches, bleed out more bisphenol A. In addition, the aging of the plastic structure is destroyed, very May precipitate low molecular substances, causing harm to the human body. "Miss Song said.

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